Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scandalous Women Gift Guide: GemFatale

Recently I was contacted by Samantha Blakeney (love that last name!) who has a new jewelry line based on Scandalous Women throughout history.  Would I be interested in mentioning her line on the blog? Heck yeah! What a fantastic idea, and why didn't I think of it? Oh right, I have no artistic talent beyond writing and acting.  However, lucky for us all, Samantha does! So far the women featured are Lucrezia Borgia, Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary.  She is also working on a few modern versions of Marie Antoinette's necklaces (one a pearl necklace that she gave as a gift and a replica of the infamous "Diamond Affair" necklace), Mata Hari, Elizabeth Bathory, and a couple of others.

You can take a peek at http://etsy.com/shop/GemFatale.  And readers of Scandalous Women can receive a 10% discount.  Just mention the coupon code "scandalouswomen" when you order.

The Borgia Poison Necklace

Birds of a Feather necklace


Gio said...

What a great idea! The necklaces looks beautiful. I'll go check out her site now, thanks.

Charity Girl said...

This is so awesome - I wish I'd seen it before Christmas - for myself!